• Váci street

Váci utca shopping street in Budapest in the Top 10 Most Popular Streets in the World

Based on the online survey of Tourism-Review.com, tourist rated Budapest’s fancy and most popular shopping street into the top 10.

This is another reason why to choose a good accommodation in one of the Budapest hotels and walk along this street!

Váci utca is one of the most famous streets in Budapest with lots of shops of world fashion, hotels, restaurants, gift shops selling Hungarian souvenirs and lovely coffee shops. This is the street, where you can enjoy the cosy and friendly atmosphere besides the magnificent architecture from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The street starts from Vörösmarty Square, which hosts the world-famous Christmas Fair, and leads to the Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok), which is also a wonderful place to visit. While strolling down the street you will see several nice Budapest hotels.

No wonder they chose Váci utca to be one of the top 10 most popular streets in the world! While the other 9 features such famous streets as Champs Elysées, La Ramble in Barcelona, Fifth Avenue in New York, Appian Way in Rome, Gran Via in Madrid, Lombard Street in San Fransisco and Zeil in Frankfurt, Váci utca in Budapest is the best place just to walk along, enjoy the low prices and have a great coffee in the sun.

There are always smiling people wandering on this street with the best ice cream in town. If you are to come to Budapest only for a couple of days, we highly recommend you to stay in the Budapest hotels in this neighbourhood, and try the world famous Szamos Marzcipan, which is a fantastic Hungarian sweet.