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Transportation within Hungary

Learn about the different transportation possibilities when traveling within Hungary.

By train
If you want to see more of Hungary, traveling by train is a great alternative. Budapest has 3 main train stations: Keleti, Nuygati and Déli. You can find useful information about timetables, destinations and ticket fares on MAVs webpage. The trains usually hold a normal, European standard, but some are actually quite luxuries, with internet, restaurant wagon and air condition. However, considering the short distances, you won’t need that much luxury, as you will only be staying on the train for a maximum of 3-4 hours.Tickets can be bought at the train stations, and we recommend that you buy a seat ticket if you are going on a longer journey. 

By Bus
Hungary has several bus lines that cover most of the country. Most of the inter-city lines leave from Deak tér, which can be reached with the metro. The standard of the buses vary quite a bit, but most of them offer an ok standard seen with European eyes, and on longer trips the buses usually offer air condition and the possibility to buy food. For more information, check out www.volanbusz.hu

Bus transportation for groups up to 8 people, please contact us via our contact form!

By car
Hungary has quite a good highway system. You can reach most of the big cities on highway M1, M2, M3, M5 and all other motorways. The highways are paying roads. You must buy a vignette (matrica) before you get on the highway. They can easily be purchased at every gas station. The shortest period you can buy a ticket for your car is 4 days and the price is around 3000Huf, (10 Euro). For more info please visit the site of the Hungarian „autópálya felügyelet”. If you wish to rent a car in Hungary you can choose between the services of many national and international car rental agencies.

By ship
It is very popular to take a trip o the river Danube to Szentendre, Visegrád or even to the city of Esztergom. These trips in nice weather condition are very pleasant, offering a great view over Budapest and around its surroundings area. The trips take quite a long time, so it is advised to check upon before choosing your destination.
Szentendre is the closest little skanzen village to Budapest.If you take a ship up to the village in the morning and decide to come back by HEV (suburban train) you might have a very interesting, relaxing day outside of Budapest, with an opportunity of experiencing the real old way of Hungarian village life from the 18th century.
Visegrád with its hill and the castle of King Matthias on the it offers an incredible view all over the area. You can take a bus back to Budapest or order private transportation.
Esztergom, the coronation capital, with its famous Basilica, from where you have a great view over the nearby Slovakia (which is just located on the other side of the river-you can in fact take a short visit to that neighboring country just walking over the bridge) also offers a great daytrip. But be aware the duration of the ship trip up to Esztergom takes many hours.
For schedule and more information please visit site www.mahart.hu

For specified advice on transportation traveling around Hungary, please do not hesitate to contact us!