• taxi from airport to the city
  • Meet a chauffeur at the airport

Getting from the airport to the city center

For bigger groups travelling together, renting a bus/minibus is clearly the best option. 

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This is a popular service that takes you directly from the airport to your hotel. And since our prices are given in British pounds, we are not sensitive to changes in currency – so there will be no nasty surprises for you.

Airport minibus

You go together with other travelers who are staying in the same part of town as you. Estimated time can be between 50 minutes – 2 hours from leaving the airport to arriving at the hotel, but it is quite cheap (approximately 2900HUF per person).
You can order this at the airport; look for signs saying “airport minibus”!


There are several taxi companies at the airport and the prices can vary a great deal. We highly advice you to stay away from taxis without a permit. Fixed prices can vary between 4200-9700 HUF depending on where in the city you are going, and most taxi companies operate with a confusing number of zones and prices rising with the number of passengers and luggage. A good recommendation is to order taxi in the booth outside the terminal. Then the price will be agreed upon before you get in the taxi.

Public transportation

Many choose to travel with public transportation, as it is very cheap. Buy a ticket for Örs Vezér Tér, and then take the metro to your final destination. Remember to buy a separate ticket for the metro, ticket controls happen frequently and tourists are a popular target. Besides, the fine is not worth the few coins you save on not buying a ticket.
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