Taxi in Budapest

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Booking a taxi in Budapest can be challenging.

Budapest taxis have yellow number plates and a taxi sign in yellow, and from August 2014 the car must be yellow as well. (Any vehicle without these features is operating illegally.) The total charge that has to be paid by the passenger is made up of three separate parts:

  1. the basic charge which is irrespective of how far the journey is,
  2. a per kilometre charge which depends on how many kilometres are covered during the journey, and
  3. the waiting charge.

Tariffs are clearly displayed on the rear right door and on the dashboard. The taxi companies work with rates ruled by city laws and must be the same for each company.

Ask for assistance from your hotel reception when ordering a taxi, and think twice before taking the “impartial advice” of taxi drivers if you are looking for a bar or nightclub. It is generally best to check with your hotel first in this instance, too.

Some of the taxis:

6x6 Taxi: 2-666-666

Budapest Taxi: 1-777-7777

City Taxi: 2-111-111,

Főtaxi: 2-222-222,

MB Elit Taxi: 232-3232,

Taxi 2000: 2-000-000,

Taxi4: 4-444-444,

Tele5Taxi: 8-555-555,

Városi Taxi: 33-33-133

No call-out charge is levied on taxis ordered by phone within the boundaries of Budapest, except for exceptional orders (e.g. estate car, type demand etc.). All cars must have a taximeter installed, and these also print out a receipt. Taxi drivers are required to give an invoice on request.

Tipping: in general 10% of the fare (if you are satisfied with the service!)

Passengers arriving at the airport should take care not to engage the services of taxi drivers waiting in the arrivals hall who offer fares at a considerably higher rate than the maximum permissible tariff. If you want go into town by taxi, order one by phone (naturally you can do this from abroad, too), or take one of the Főtaxis (222-2222) waiting outside the airport.

We offer to book a taxi for you to all services bought through, whether you are going to a restaurant, spa, river cruise or any other activity. Read more about transportation in Budapest here! Contact us here!