• Performance at Opera House during Budapest Spring Festival

Musical Budapest – you can hear music on almost every corner

Do you know that Budapest was the home of the famous and popular composers Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, Ferenc Liszt, and Gustav Mahler, who served as a brilliant director of the Hungarian State Opera?

We can say without exaggeration that Budapest is one of the major music centres in Europe, concerts are held in many places, such as the Liszt Academy of Music, the Opera and the Palace of Arts.

It does not matter in which hotel in Budapest you are staying at, as soon as you step out and walk through Váci utca or the Castle District, lots of street musicians will charm you with their music. And you will be greeted by thousands of posters announcing hundreds of classical and pop music concerts in various venues.

If you are really into music, we advise you to time your travel for one of the Festivals, such as the Autumn or Spring Festival. But be aware to book your hotel in Budapest in due time, lot of people come for these festivals. However, you can choose any season to visit Budapest, there will always be music playing somewhere.

One of the best classical concerts you could easily enjoy by only walking to St Stephen’s Basilica from your hotel in Budapest, is the famous organ concerts, which are held in the Basilica with the most fantastic acoustic. The sound of the organ is so riveting that it causes you shivers of joy, and the program is usually combined with areas or some other musical instruments. You should not miss it, it is so unbelievable touching!