Location of Budapest Hotels: how to choose?

Regarding the location of the accommodation, the first question to decide is whether you like to stay in the heart of the town, or you rather enjoy the silence around you.

If you prefer enjoying the hustle and bustle of the capital you better choose Pest side of the capital, where most of the shops, attractions are located. In Pest side you will be close to famous museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts. Most of the attractions can be visited here besides the popular Budapest hotels, such as the Parliament, the St Stephen’s Basilica, the Heroes Square, the Broadway area packed with theatres and the Opera House – just to name a few. And if you stay on Pest side you will be puzzled by the great menus of the best restaurants in town and nightclubs, which are only 5-minute walk from any of the Budapest hotels placed in the downtown area.

If you wish to stay a little bit farther from the busy town, you better stay on Buda side, which is the green belt of the capital. Buda is hilly, quiet and residential, everywhere you look you can feel yourself in the nature, the whole part of this town is surrounded by nature conversation areas, and lovely places to go for excursions. Here you can stay in either quality hotels, or small pensions, vacation rentals, hostels. And if you feel like walking, you can easily visit the gorgeous Buda Castle and enjoy the nice view of the flat Pest on the other side of Danube. Of course you can get to Pest side in no seconds with the metro, or any other means of public transport, and the view of Budapest is very picturesque from any of the bridges crossing the Danube. So, whichever Budapest hotels you choose, you cannot make a mistake!

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