Legendary horses, exciting horse races – another reason to visit Budapest!

Have you heard of Overdose, the Hungarian sprinter, who is Hungary’s top racehorse nowadays?

If yes, than it is high time for you to check the next flight, book in one of the lovely Budapest hotels, and travel to Budapest to see where this beautiful horse is coming from.

If you are really into racing, devote a day to the racecourse in Kincsem Park, and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere, a neck and neck race, a tense excitement during the race. You can get acquainted with the history of Kincsem, the legendary Hungarian racehorse, and also the history of racing, not to mention the rules of betting, that you must try. The Park gives you a welcome drink, timely racing tips and two coupons for betting – no risk at all!

Besides the horse racing you can also go for riding either in Kincsem park, or in several other horse riding schools. If you feel like going on a lovely long-distance horse riding in nature, surrounded by lovely Buda hills, we recommend you the Petneházy Lovascentrum, which offers paddock practice and open trail riding as well as pony riding. This riding school is one of the best Budapest hotels on Buda side of the capital, and besides riding, they have tennis courts and a lovely outdoor swimming pool as well.

Hungary has a great tradition in horse keeping, breeding and racing, wherever you go, you will find statues with famous heroes on horseback, and there are various riding schools all over the city and the country. If you would like to try riding Hungarian horses, the best you can do before booking your accommodation in any of the Budapest hotels, is to check the Internet to see the locations of the riding schools. Come and enjoy the picturesque scenery from horseback!