• Hunting map of Hungary

How about trying something really special: Hunting in Hungary!

Yes, it is possible to hunt in Hungary within the framework of a well-organised hunting trip, so do not try to go out into nature on your own and start shooting!

You will get flyers about hunting journeys in your Budapest hotels, or on the internet, but we do advise you to try it out, if you are interested in this kind of activity.

Hungarian hunting traditions originate from far back, but nowadays it takes place as a result of the conscious wildlife management. You will be able to see and shoot red deer, fallow deer and roe deer, wild boar, game birds and moufflon, just to name a few of the stock of game that has special features. The best season to shoot red deer for example is in the autumn and winter, namely from September until February, however, almost all of the hunting trips are organised in this same timeframe.

During the hunting, you can walk through beautiful lands of state and private hunting fields all over Hungary. There are professional hunters taking charge of the hunting, so you can just concentrate on meeting the games. Be aware: it is nothing like watching it in TV in your Budapest hotel room! You can also take home the trophy if you want and can afford to pay for it.

If you are really into hunting you can choose to come for a hunting journey, where the organisers take you to several hunting areas in the country, and help you to find your games. So what are you waiting for? Get on Internet, reserve a room in a Budapest hotel, book your ticket, come and hunt!