Free Communist, Jewish District and Best Pubs Walk in Budapest!

If you are interested in insightful and entertaining city walks and learning about history, society, architecture and getting to know what Hungarians are actually like, this is your choice!

No matter which Budapest hotel you are staying at, the meeting point is always at Vörösmarty tér, at the end of Váci shopping street.

The organisers offer several kinds of walks, normal Budapest free walks covering the basic sights, which are planned to start in the morning (10:30am) and in the afternoon for party people and travellers (2:30pm, meeting point at the St Stephen’s Cathedral). The tours last for 2,5 hours in every case, so you can have time for relaxing in your room of your Budapest hotel.

What we would like to recommend you is two specified tours, one is about Communist-era in Budapest, and the other one visits all the unique Jewish places and the best pubs in town. During the Communist walk you will be acquainted with key events, names, as well as undercover storied that took place behind the Iron Curtain. Sights include the areas of 1956 uprising, the bronze bullet memorial and the secret entrance of a military bunker – just to name a few.

The Jewish quarter in Budapest is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list of sights. The tour shows the history of the largest Synagouge in Europe, leads through cemetery and memorial garden. During the walk, the guides show you the most authentic local pubs and cultural centers. Both trips starts at 3.30 pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The greatest advantage of these tours is that you get an insight view from insiders, information about up-to-date free events, where to eat out cheap, how to avoid crowd at touristy places and how to find the best Budapest hotels meeting your requirements.