Famous actors like to come to Budapest for various reasons

Angelina Jolie, Robert de Niro, Jeremy Irons – just a few of the actors who came to Budapest for various reasons.

The actors – expect from Angelina Jolie - stayed in downtown area Budapest hotels, and seemed to enjoy themselves!

Angelina Jolie came to lead the shooting of her film, titled United Love Story, which takes place in a dilapidated area imitating a scene of the Bosnian-Serbian war. Her film is about a love story taking place during the war. She wanted perfect privacy and a nice garden for her children, so instead of choosing a luxury Budapest hotel, she rented out a beautiful villa in the green belt of Buda.

Robert de Niro opened a new Japanese restaurant in Budapest with his friend, Nobu, who is the world-famous Japanese chef. He loved Budapest, stayed in one of the most elegant hotels in Budapest, in Kempinski, and went for cross-country running on Margaret Island. The Nobu Budapest restaurant belongs to Chef Nobu Matssuhisa’s worldwide dining empire, and is located in the heart of Budapest, in the Corvinus Kempinski Hotel.

So now, here is the example to follow – come and dine at the famous restaurant and stay in a nice Budapest hotel for a couple of days!