• Eurovelo bike road near Szentendre

Day-out trip from Budapest III. – Bike trip to Szentendre

Szentendre is only a 40 minutes away from Budapest by the suburban train (HÉV), but if you are really up to do something active, than you should rent a bike, and try the nice bike route to this little town in the outskirts of Budapest.

You can easily find bike renting places near to your Budapest hotel, check on Internet.

For many years this little town was a place of artists, and still there are great population of mainly painters who like to settle here because of the magnificent view. The small town has a lovely atmosphere and it is full of quiet happiness, when you get there, you will see that people seem to enjoy the lovely landscape, and the good ice-cream. The view from the church hill is more than spectacular; the leaning roofs and narrow streets have a Mediterranean feeling, while the Danube is absolutely magnificent in the back.

Once you have stepped out of your Budapest hotel room, you will feel at home in Szentendre, the restaurants and the gift shops are very welcoming, and you can easily spend a whole day there. We highly recommend you to try the best “lángos”(salty pancake kind of dough), which is so good, that you would immediately want two more! The little restaurant where you can buy the best one in Szentendre can be reached from the main square through a little narrow pedestrian street between two houses. Everybody goes there, you cannot miss it. Just be able to ride your bike back to your Budapest hotel afterwards!