• Danube bend

Day-out trip from Budapest II. – Danube bend by boat!

If you feel like getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and the four walls of your Budapest hotel room – we do encourage you to hop on a boat, follow the wonderful blue ribbon, our big river, the Danube and pay a visit to Visegrád.

The Danube bend is one of the most spectacular and scenic part of the country, it is where the Danube turns sharply south before reaching Budapest. To be honest, it is the most magnificent part of the river during its’ 3000 km course from the Black Forest to Black Sea. There are three small towns we recommend you visiting, Szentendre, Esztergom and Visegrád, since they have such a picturesque view. In the lobby of your hotel in Budapest, you will certainly find more technical info on these little towns, but if you are really into something special do take the boat – it is really gorgeous!

Visegrád has a breathtaking view of the river, not to mention, that there is a beautiful castle and fortress in this town as well. You can climb up on foot to the upper part of the castle, and enjoy the unbelievably beautiful view from the top. There are popular festivals for knights every summer, that not only your children but you would also enjoy. In the little town you can visit a recently renovated palace of renaissance style that hosts a museum on our first and greatest renaissance king, Mathias.

While trying to decide in your Budapest hotel room where to go that day, we highly recommend you to take the boat, and swaying nicely in the sun. The trip will take 3 hours to reach Visegrád.