Choosing hotel based on the price

The first aspect you need to decide is the amount of money you want to spend on the accommodation.

The fact is that the number of different lodgings is increasing continuously in order to be able to host the growing number of tourists, so year by year you have more and more Budapest hotels to choose from.

The main categories based on price are the following: cheap category (30-60 €/room/night), where you can basically choose from vacation rentals, hostels, B&Bs. The next category is the budget category (60-100 €/room/night), these include 2 star and 3 star Budapest hotels, hostels, pensions. Standard category is the next one (100-150 €/room/night) where you can find 4 star Budapest Hotels. Finally the top category is the luxury category (150-200€/room/night) with 5 star hotels, where you will be pampered with all sorts of lovely services, such as massage, thermal bath and so on.

When you think about price, you also have to consider location to some extent. Good location often means expensive Budapest hotels in the downtown area, but not exclusively. If you don’t mind experiencing the authentic Hungarian culture while travelling on the very well organized public transport system, than you are free to choose from the cheaper Budapest hotels.

Price almost always includes a continental breakfast which is a good way to start your day. Most certainly price should not be the only factor when choosing a suitable accommodation, so please read on to the next article on the location of Budapest hotels.

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