Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Budapest Zoo is cited by every guidebook for being one of the oldest zoos in the world.

It opened its gates in 1866 and has received a lot of guests since then. The different animal houses were built in Hungarian secession architectural style. The famous main entrance and the Crocodile house are always pictured in every Budapest guide. The whole territory of the Zoo is a nature conservation area covering an 11-acre-big land in the heart of town.

Take your time to walk around and enjoy the wonderfully green gardens and the friendly animals. The buildings all carry the style marks of the Secession style, combined with lovely Hungarian traditional forms. The botanical garden and zoo is a big maze in itself, and be prepared to spend the whole day there, even without children. Here you can see about 5000 animals of 733 different species – a fascinating collection.

If you have children with you, a must try is the new Zoo playing house or amusement park, where children of age 1-14 can let the extra energy out. There is room for 80 children playing at the same time; while their parents enjoy a moment of silence and a nice cappuccino. Budapest Dyrepark