• Castle of Szigliget

Castles in Hungary

Did you know that Hungary has pretty amazing castles and palaces? There are ones which were built as early as in the 14th century, and they are rather medieval ruins, but there are also castles from Baroque-style as well.

You can visit most of them as they serve as lively tourist destinations, house a museum or host events. Generally these estates play significant roles in town life, albeit different ones than for what they intended originally. Check out our short recommendation on some of the nicest castles and maybe plan to work a couple into your next trip to Hungary. Located in Budapest, where you can always find a pleasant Budapest hotel, and beyond the capital, these castles make an unusual and educational trip for individuals or families.

Building castles started in the 17th century, but most of them were built in style rococo, at the beginning of the 19th century. Based on the registry of the National Office of Cultural Heritage there are 718 castles and 103 fortresses under protection in Hungary. However there are about 1500-2000 castles altogether in Hungary! So on planning your trip to Hungary, we suggest you to choose a pleasant Budapest hotel and make short one-day trips to visit the best ones!

So let’s start with Buda Castle in Budapest, which is such a beautiful palace on the bank of Danube, that it is the main feature of Budapest skyline and houses several museums. Then Vajdahunyad Castle also in Budapest is a must see on Pest side of the capital. For a one-day trip, we highly recommend to visit Visegrád by boat, Martonvásár, the magnificent Brunswick Castle, where Beethoven used to play, for lovely music concerts, and Gödöllő, the favourite summer residence of Sissi, the popular queen of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

Once staying in one of the Budapest hotels, it is easy to look at the map and choose from the numerous castles, and since the country is so little, the distances are also very short.