Budapest has the biggest sea aquarium in Central Europe

There is a 1.4 million litres aquarium with 8 sharks swimming around, and you may walk through an 11-meter-long observation tunnel while encountering the wonderful animals of the sea.

If you plan to visit Budapest, and stay there for a couple days in one of the nice Budapest hotels, do not miss this attraction!

Besides the sharks, which are fed by 12-15 kg of sea fish each by professional divers, the visitors can also wander through a rain forest and meet some exotic animals, such as reptiles, crocodiles, tropical birds. While in the rainforest, you can experience a real thunder with lightning, but don’t worry, you won’t become wet! It only serves the goal of making the whole atmosphere unique. There are 8 halls to visit, with spiders, giant turtles, scorpions, chameleons, squirrel monkeys. But the most fascinating sight is definitely the shark feeding.

Tropicarium is situated in a 3000m2-big Plaza called Campona, which is located on Buda side of the city. You can reach it easily from any of the Budapest hotels; just ask for more info at the reception. It is a fascinating sight and program that is attractive for not only kids, but their parents as well.

It is also possible stroke and feed rays in the “ray stroking pool” which is a great amusement for all age, and which is often advertised separately on leaflets that you can find in the lobby of your Budapest hotel. Do take some time on a rainy day for instance to visit this Oceanarium, which is so popular, and where you will certainly buy some little gadget for you to forget - not this lovely city, Budapest!