• Zichy castle in Somlószőlős

A truly unique idea: invest in purchasing and preserving a castle in Hungary

If you are interested in history, love beautiful, spacious, classic castles from the 19th century, what is more, fell devoted to preserve cultural heritage – then a really special idea for you is to buy a castle in Hungary!

First of all read our little article about investments, then book a room in a Budapest hotel, rent a car, and start exploring! We promise you will enjoy it!

So why Hungary? Firstly, because it is cheap! The cost of some of the real estates is often fifth or less of the cost of those in France or in UK. Not to mention the cost of work, since you have to be aware of the fact that almost all of the castles for sale needs to undergo renovation and the service providers will be happily go to meet you in your Budapest hotel room to negotiate.

Secondly, because the country is very welcoming, and the government decided to encourage foreign investment, so they created a very tax efficient investment. Therefore your investment would surely be safe, low-risk and profitable. Besides, and that would be the third point, Hungary is pouring millions into infrastructural investments, building motorways, business parks, new metro line in Budapest, and so on. Fourthly, Hungary is about to adopt the Euro soon, which will mean lower interest rates, cheaper mortgages, more inward EU investments. We could continue for ages about further reasons, but the aim of this article is only to raise interest ad not to bore you to death by business details right away.

There are castles for sale everywhere in the country, the estates in North-Eastern Hungary are more cheaper, and a little bit more in the need of saving so to say. But the choice is yours, search on the Internet, buy a plane ticket, book a room in any of the pleasant Budapest hotels, and come and see the dreamy castles for yourself!