The Healing Effects of Budapest Spas

There are numerous reasons to visit Budapest, the capital and cultural centre of Hungary. Thanks to its natural conditions and developed health infrastructure Budapest is an ideal destination for spa tourists.

Budapest sits on one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources anywhere in the world. Out of the approximately 1300 registered thermal springs, nearly 300 are used for bathing purposes and no fewer than one in every ten is suitable for medical purposes. It means, there are altogether about 130 mineral and medicinal water springs located in Budapest.

Most of the springs of Budapest Spas have high mineral content: first and foremost calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate-chloride, sodium, fluoride ions. These minerals have positive healing effects for curing the following diseases: damaged joints, degenerative diseases, chronic and semi-acute arthritis, dislocation of the vertebral disc, neuralgia and also low back pains or lumbago. The medicinal waters are also effective after accidents as a post-traumatic therapy. Some of the springs are suitable for drinking cures, as well.

They are effective in the treatment of renal and metabolic conditions as well as stomach complaints. Around the world, more and more people are coming to realise that a healthy lifestyle has an enormous role to play in disease prevention and the creation of general sense of well- being. There is an equal understanding of the fact that natural methods of treatment are able to promote healing without side effects. A perfect type of recreation is bathing as a holiday programme. Choose from Budapest’s spas, revitalise your body and indulge yourself. Choose Budapest for health!