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  • Szechenyi bath in Budapest

Széchenyi Bath

One of the largest spa complexes in Europe is Széchenyi Spa in Budapest. It is situated in the biggest city park, called Városliget, close to the city centre.

Beside offering great relaxation options, the complex also has fun activities for children of all ages! Older children can also take part in a chess game or contest which is a unique tradition of Széchenyi Spa.

The Neo-Baroque building of the spa was established in 1913, it recalls the atmosphere of the Habsburg Monarchy. Traces of Nordic traditions can be found in the heat chambers, saunas and dipping pools.
Széchenyi Baths have the deepest and hottest springs of all Budapest spas. The medicinal water is welling up from a depth of 1250 meters and reaches the surface at a temperature of 75 degrees. There is a vast outdoor swimming area for both sexes and separate steam baths for men and women. Széchenyi Baths Complex offers various wellness services and treatments like sludge or carbonated bathing.
15 different pools and various sport activities await you inside. Each spring has different kinds of mineral contents and they are distinguished according to their healing properties. Some of them are recommended for treating rheumatism, others are effective in curing disorders of the nervous system and joints or muscles. Healing water is also perfect for therapeutic and recreation purposes. Neck and back massaging showers in the outdoor pools are highly recommended. The Széchenyi baths complex is one of the best of the Budapest spa for a family day out since each generation can find something to do and enjoy here.

Széchenyi Baths

It is located on Pest side.
1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11.
Coordinates:47.518971, 19.083236
Public transport:
  • Trolley: 72
  • Metro: M1 - Széchenyi fürdő
Year of building:1913
Opening hours:Outdoor swimming pools: 6.00-22.00 Steam department: 6.00-19.00 Thermal department: 6.00-19.00 Pump hall: 9.00-17.00
Entrance fee:between 3.800 and 4.800 HUF
Fun facts: