Some Useful Information for Visitors of Budapest Spas

Budapest Spas are worth visiting because of their history and architecture. The wide range of services makes them even more attractive.

Apart from Gellért Baths Complex and Széchenyi Bath, in most spas instructions and price lists are posted only in Hungarian. Before visiting any of Budapest spas it is highly recommended searching for information in English on the internet.
Baths usually have two main pools and several smaller ones that contain different temperature waters. There are supplementary services: different types of massages, saunas, mud-packs and other medical treatments. Detailed price list is posted at the entrance. Choose the service or treatment you want to try from the list (or check on the net beforehand) and pay for it at the cashier. You will get a separate ticket for each service. The cashiers at Budapest Spas are open until one hour before closing time.
On single-sex days the attendant will give you a tiny cloth that you are supposed to tie around your waist. The cloth for women looks like an apron, very funny – a must try experience! On those days, when both sexes are allowed to visit the spas, you have to wear bathing suit.
In Gellért, Széchenyi and Lukács Baths you can choose a cabin (kabin) or a locker (szekrény) to get changed. If you prefer privacy choose and pay extra for a cabin. After getting changed close the locker or cabin and ask the attendant to double lock it for you. Tie your key to the string of your cloth or find a way to keep it with you all the time. Memorize the number of your locker or cabin. Do not panic, that is all you need to keep in mind: and now you are ready to have a dip in the Budapest spas and enjoy recreation!