Popularity of Baths: Széchényi or Gellért by day, Rudas by night

According to a recent online questionnaire conducted by the official site of Budapest Healing Baths and Hot Springs Co. Ltd, the most popular spa of all Budapest spas is Széchenyi Thermal Baths Complex.

In fact the world-famous Széchényi Spa is undoubtedly the largest of all Hungarian spas and offers visitors a wide range of services. The neo-baroque bathhouse is situated in the biggest city park, called Városliget, close to the city centre.
The second most popular is Gellért Thermal Baths Complex which is mostly frequented by ‘spa tourists’ from all over the world. Gellért is much more a touristy destination than any other spas of Budapest. The spa is inside the building of the Art Nouveau style Hotel Gellért that makes bathing most convenient for hotel guests. Gellért Baths Complex is public and can be visited by tourists and locals as well.
The third most popular spa of Budapest is Rudas Baths which was built in the 16th century. Popularity of Rudas Baths is due to both daytime spa visitors and participants of night events. Men and women can visit the baths on alternating days. At weekends the spa opens its gate for both sexes.

Rudas spa also gives home to the audio-visual genre of Cinetrip programs. About 800-2000 “cinetrippers” attend the events. Cinetrip attracts many foreign and Hungarian party-goers, mostly young people, who want to have a unique cultural experience. Cinetrip “Sparties” are organized mostly at weekends, once in a month. Please check the evening and night opening hours on the internet because classical guide books might not mention Cinetrip "Sparties".