No medication, no pain, no side effects – just natural thermal springs!

Do you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, back and joint pains and other locomotive problems?

The sulphur-based natural springs of Hungary give you the best natural relief for those aches and pains. Throw away your harmful medications with their many side effects and try natural solutions in chlorine-free mineral pools.

With its over 400 medicinal hot springs, Hungary is a world leader in medicinal spa vacationing. Hospitable Budapest is often called the "Spa Capital" because it is the only capital city in the world with numerous hot springs within the city borders. Budapest abounds in thermal waters with very high mineral content, rich in trace elements, vital for human health and well-being. Bathing in the wonderful pools of Budapest Spas is not like taking an ordinary bath. Thermal bathing in Budapest’s spas along with the latest achievement of physiotherapy is the ultimate treatment: no medication, no pain and no side-effects. Thermal water is for the treatment of rheumatic problems, as well as circulatory diseases. Physiotherapy consists of different types of treatments: spa therapy, hydro-therapy, electro therapy, gymnastics and massage.

Doctors make a great effort to use as much physiotherapy as possible and try to reduce the dosage of medicine. Curative hot water has proven medical effects: helps patients recharge themselves both physically and emotionally. After the therapy patients feel relieved and rejuvenated, they look and feel better or more vital. Many people today have a very unhealthy lifestyle: we eat too much, we do not move enough and we take too many drugs. Drugs are harmful. Therefore in the last two decades everywhere in Europe, especially in Hungary, doctors have been using more and more physiotherapy. These methods are very good in certain cases, especially in locomotion disorders, some gynaecological diseases or gastroenterological diseases. Do spare some time to indulge in the healing waters and have a revitalizing massage in one of the famous spas of Budapest.