Király Thermal Bath

Are you tired of sightseeing in Budapest? Have you visited all the major sights already? Would you like to just relax for a bit? If that is the case then your legs and your whole body deserve some recreation in one of the best Budapest’s Turkish spas: Király Bath.

The Turkish pasha of Buda, Arslan, began to build the Király Bath in 1565, inside the castle gates of Buda, and it was completed by his successor, Sokoli Mustafa.
It is interesting that unlike the majority of the Budapest spas, the Király Thermal Baths had no direct hot water base, nor has it today. The Turks built the Baths within the walls of the castle far from the springs to ensure the opportunity for bathing even in the case of a siege. Its water has been supplied since the 16th century by the springs of nearby Lukács Bath.

After the reoccupation of Buda Castle by Hungarian troops, the Baths were acquired by the König family in 1796. They rebuilt the building in classicist style and preserved its monumental character. The name of the spa comes from the name of  Family König (Király=King=König).
During World War II, the Baths were damaged. Its complete renovation was accomplished in 1950. The impressive spa is a rare survival of Turkish times in Hungary, and today it represents an early Ottoman bathhouse. There are four pools. The main pool was built in 1570 with a fantastic skylight dome – an incomparable design amongst the other Budapest spas. The wings of Király Bath in Fõ Street were added in the 20th century. Indulge and pamper yourself in Király Bath after a long, tiring sightseeing tour

Kiraly tyrkiske bad

Király baths

It is located on Buda side.
1027 Budapest, Fő u. 84.
Coordinates:47.510674, 19.038146
Public transport:
  • Bus: 60, 86
  • Tram: 19
Year of building:1565
Opening hours:Every day 9.00-21.00
Entrance fee:Adults: 2.400 HUF, students: 1.700 HUF, seniors: 1.300 HUF
Fun facts: