Further useful tips for Visitors of Budapest Spas

Regarding the time-frame you would need in any of the Budapest spas, we would say that devote at least 1.5 hours in the baths to fully exploit the relaxing benefits of the healing water, saunas, steam rooms and massages.

In most Budapest spas you can bathe for maximum 1.5 hours on weekdays and for 2 hours on weekends for normal price. If you stay longer the attendant will ask you to pay for the extra time. If you leave earlier than the allowed time, you will receive a few hundred forints refund. Bring one or more towels because you might need an extra one in the Finnish sauna to sit on. Shower gel and soap are also essential to have with you. It is highly recommended wearing slippers because the humid, warm baths are hotbed of mycosis infection.

Do bring a swimming cap if you plan to swim in one of the swimming pools in the spas of Budapest. It is often obligatory to wear these caps. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise because the density of the human body is very similar to that of water. The water supports the body and less stress is therefore placed on joints and bones. Swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries. Combining swimming and massage or indulging yourself in hot medical water is the best way of recreation.

Budapest Spas are perfect for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Do spare some time to indulge in the healing waters and have a revitalizing massage in one of the famous spas of Budapest: Széchenyi, Gellért, Lukács, Rudas, Király, Dagály – just to name a few.