Etiquette in Budapest Spas

Most guidebooks list the best Budapest spas and their historic background, medical services, opening hours, etc.

But there are few that mention bath etiquette “spa tourists” should keep in mind. The followings are ground rules which are advisable to observe.

Bathing, in all cases, is a ritual. Make sure you give it sufficient respect. While you are giving precious time for your whole body in the pools, saunas or relaxing rooms, keep your voice low or be quiet and relax, loud conversation might disturb others. Jumping into the pools is not permitted in any of Budapest spas. Newspapers, food and anything fragile are not allowed into the bathing area. Give way to people coming out from the steam chamber.

Bathing for more than 40 minutes in the hot water pools is not advisable. In most Budapest spas there is a warning sign with the suggested time spans. Bear in mind that you should not spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna or in the steam chamber. You should not use the sauna more than three times per spa-visit. Leaving the sauna door open for too long may cause a sudden fall in temperature. In the sauna you need an extra towel to sit on, because it is essential to keep the wooden surface of benches hygienic. Users are advised to leave the sauna if the heat becomes unbearable or if they feel faint or sick. You should not visit the spas if you have fever or a cold.

Don’t worry, these rigid rules are not that bad and serve your comfort and health as well, but most of all: do not forget to enjoy yourself in our lovely Budapest spas!