Are you a sufferer of arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension?

Budapest Spas offer you a significant natural pain relief in just a few weeks or even in a few days! This is not a miracle but a proven way to make you feel better.

Curative waters of Budapest Spas guarantee rejuvenation of patients.

Budapest remains a true evergreen with over one thousand years of history behind it. A place with the ancient mixed with the modern.The remnants of Romans and Turks are still visible. One of the evergreen treasures: the pleasant, warm healing water which even the Romans favoured and built baths to enjoy it even more. There are many spas in Budapest to choose from. Thermal water has a distinctly soothing and calming effect for everyone.

All Hungarian spas have chlorine-free mineral pools of varying temperatures. The hot springs gush from the hot region of earth’s crust and reach the surface at very high temperature. The thermal water has to be cooled off to different temperatures suitable for bathing. The water in the bathing pools is constantly circulated because there is such an abundant supply of hot mineral spring water.

All pools close in the evening at around 8 p.m. for overnight additional cleaning and they reopen at 7 a.m. Thermal baths are also social places where you can make new acquaintances in a relaxed surrounding. Budapest is not only the treasure-trove of spas but a place that offers a rich variety of entertainment. The long standing attractions of the city are: the Budapest Academy of Music, the famous Budapest Opera House which holds so many exceptional musical experiences for all who visit, the historic Chain Bridge, the magnificent Matthias Church, the monumental Heroes’ Square, or the romantic Vajdahunyad Castle. Budapest truly has a charm of its own, so do not hesitate; pick up your bathing suit and come!