Wine cellars in Budapest

Visit a wine cellar in Budapest and taste delicious wines from Tokaj or Eger!

For those of you who are only staying in Budapest for a short while, it might be more convenient to visit one of the many wine cellars in the city, and knows the best ones! However you don’t have to travel far outside the city limit before you find an exciting wine country, where wineries producing quality wines lie scattered across the fields.

Visit this page for more information about wineries near Budapest!

A wine tasting trip needs to be preordered regardless of whether you are in the mood for a formal wine tasting with dinner, or a more casual evening with or without dinner/cheese/fruit. We cooperate with a selection of wine cellars, wineries and restaurants that have different offers for all pallets and budgets.

We can offer:

1.      Table reservation for wine tasting / dinner a la carte at a fancy wine cellar (the service is free of charge – Contact us!)

2.      Visit to wine cellar with 3-course dinner and 5 wines.

3.      Visit to wine cellar with tasting of 5 wines from the famous Villany district, or 4 wines from Tokaji.

And this is only three of our offers. In 2010 we also arranged 4 bike excursions around the wine country for some of our Norwegian guests. We provided bikes and a Norwegian companion, and the trips lasted 3 – 8 days. We can of course also arrange day excursions from winery to winery, for those who visit Budapest only for a few days. Contact us today to discuss the different possibilities – they will vary a bit according to whether you are 2 or 400 people travelling together. You can reach us through our contact form