Schooltrips to Budapest

Are you planning a school trip to Budapest?

Budapest is a safe and exciting destination for school classes and students, with an abundance of both educational and social activities.
Our agency can help you get in contact with a Hungarian friendship school and set up other activities during your visit, and we have done so for more than 30 schoolgroups the last 8 years. has helped both school- and university students on school and studytrips to Budapest, and is convinced that Budapest is a suitable and popular city with a lot to offer.
The Museum of Terror is the most obvious choice when it comes to educational activities, but historically significant places – such as the Castle Hill, the Parliament, Heroes Square and Aquinkum – can also be included as school related activities. And when the time comes to have fun, the city can offer a great variety of shopping malls, beautiful streets and architecture, cozy city squares, a zoo and water world. Budapest is a big city and there are always concerts and cultural arrangements happening. This city offers fun for both teachers and students!


We also belive very few cities in Europe can beat Budapest when it comes to living costs and possibilites.
Public transportation with free use of buss/train/tram/metro costs appr. 12£ for some days. A dinner at a restaurant cost from 4£ and up, a menu at BK/McD 3£, a bottle of wine from 1£, and fun activities such as amusement parks, museums and cinema costs only a fraction of what they do in Great Britain / rest of Europe.

We have sold school trips incl. transportation tickets from 400€ - 900€, but the price varies of course according to where you travel from, choice of hotel and services. Please send us your budget and we try to meet your expectations.

When you book with us - you can expect high service standards, fair terms of trading and accurate information. We have fullfilled the strict joining criteria for the package travel directive of Norway (RGF) - securing all of our travellers from any country in the world. Our code of conduct, customer helpline and complaints resolution routines are all there to give you confidence and peace of mind when booking your travel arrangements with us.

Our services for schoolgroups:

-          Transport/airline tickets!
-          Hotel!
-          Transportation!
-          Local permissions!
-          Guide, interpreter and aid during your stay!
-          Activities incl. trabant rally, extreme sports park, aquaworld, river cruise, bicycle renting, GPS renting etc etc.
-          24 hour emergency phone for students, teachers and parents.

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