Group trips to Budapest!

Book a group trip to Budapest with tailored group activities, from the agency that has Budapest as their specialty!

We can offer everything from package deals – including airline tickets, hotel and activities – to single services. We are members of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund (RGF), and are a safe and reliable partner with good references from several public institutions, such as schools, counties, private companies, organizations and clubs.

We can offer:
* Conference facilities in Budapest!
* Study trips to Budapest! (We can arrange educational activities and contact with local schools!)
* Choir trips to Budapest!
* School trips to Budapest!
* Wine tasting club trips to Budapest!
* Company trips to Budapest!
 * Wedding in Budapest!

We will help you create the perfect trip according to your budget and needs! We can cover everything from conference rooms and nice hotels in every price range, as well as extra services and activities that will make your stay just perfect! We offer a solid menu of team building activities such as visits to local wineries, trabant rally, guided tours, restaurant visits, action related activities, driving of tanks, golf and hunting! We can also offer tailored programs for groups. Ask for our brochure on group travels, with a complete overview of all our services, or contact us today for a good offer via our contact form