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Choir trip to Budapest

Take your fellow choirmembers to sing at one of the magnificent churches or open air places in Budapest.

We have the experience from years of organizing trips for choirs and the last years we have arranged more than 30 choir concerts in Budapest.

As our travel agency is present in Budapest on a daily basis – we open doors that for outsiders might be closed, and choirs travelling with us have already performed at embassies, at famous sights as St Stephens Basilica, Mathias Church, Heroes square and even done concerts as part of exciting events as the wine and champagne festival and various local events.

Please note we only offer full-service trips for choirs. These packages minimum include hotel, local transfers, local and licensed guides to assist during the concert and of course setting up all practical around concerts including need for sound/production.

Some references:

In the autumn of 2008, we arranged for a Norwegian choir to sing on a mini festival with two local choirs to an audience of 300 people.

In 2009 that sang to a church outside of Budapest citycenter, filled to the brink with people. Amazing!

In 2010 more than 200 foreigners celebrating their national holiday, was entertained by one of our choirs that sung the national anthem as well as local songs.

In 2011 we connected a choir visiting us with a wedding ceremony in rural setting.

In 2012/2013 we did more than 6 concerts at the St. Stephens basilica with various choirs.

Kortur til Budapest

Price estimate:

We respect your budget and a typical choir trip in Budapest with us, including a central hotel, all transfers, 2 concerts and maybe some common meals is estimated to 250-400€ / participant.

The price varies according to amount of nights, rooming/choice of hotel, local programs etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a great and unbinding offer!

Our bespoken customer handling:

In case of any unlikely event of not being able to deliver the ordered programs/services – our local service office will reach out or you can always contact us on our 24/7 helpline.
We do not have an outsourced callcenter, but our local employees are top-of-the-game, with updated local know-how will assist you all the way, by mail – phone or personal assistance.

Described as trustworthy partner, Agency AS that operated Gotobudapest.com is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund (RGF) – that covers all of our package travellers from any country in the world.

We have been offering the following services for the last 8 years: