• The beautiful building of the Synagogue in Budapest
    The Great Synagogue of Budapest
  • The two amazing cupolas from outside of the Synagogue in Budapest
    Two towers with cuploa of Synagogue of Budapest
  • The beautiful inner view of the cupola of the Synagogue in Budapest
    The cupola of the Synagogue from inside
  • The inside of the Synagogue in Budapest (detail)
    The inside of the Synagogue of Budapest
  • A beautifully detailed window from the wall of the Synagogue in Budapest
    A detailed window from the Synagogue of Budapest

The Synagogue in Dohány utca

The second biggest Synagogue in the world, a magnificent monument, can be found in Budapest, near Deák tér.

It was built in the heydays of the 19th century and its size and ornamented design give a true picture of the cultural requirements of the wealthy Jews at the time.

It has to be admitted that the pompous building was not really frequented by the common Jews but rather by the leaders. The romantic architectural design is combined with byzantine moor elements and the whole building has a special eastern attitude, especially due to its double cupola decorated by ceramic tiles. There are more than 3000 seats in the three naves of the synagogue. There are also a few Christian details, which is unusual for a Jewish chapel, such as the organ and the pulpit. This sets the building apart from other synagogues.

During the 2nd World War the Synagogue was part of the Jewish ghetto, about 70 000 people were held captive in the buildings surrounding the Synagogue. The grounds became a cemetery for those who died during the occupation and they also created a Holocaust memorial statue in the form of a weeping willow, with the names of those who died written on it.

Visiting the Synagogue is almost a must-see on the itineraries of all who visit Budapest. The synagogue itself has nice acoustics and hosts classical music and organ concerts as well as the popular Summer Jewish Festival, which is usually organized at the end of August every year. 

Budapest Synagogue

It is located on Pest side.
1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 2.
Coordinates:47.495914, 19.060061
Public transport:
  • Bus: 9
  • Trolley: 74
  • Tram: 47, 48, 49
  • Metro: M2 - Astoria M1/M3 - Deák Ferenc tér
Year of building:1854-1859
Opening hours:Sun - Thu 10.00-18.00 Fri 10.00-16.30 Sat closed
Entrance fee:variable
Fun facts:
  • The inner space is 1200 m2, the heights of the towers are 44 meters. There are nearly 3000 seats inside: 1497 seats on the ground floor for men and 1472 for women on the upper circle.
  • Beside the synagogue in a building that used to be a block house, there is the Jewish Museum. This building is also important because the father of zionism, Tivadar Herzl, was born here.