• The whole building of the Hungarian Parliamnet from the Danube
    Parliament from the Danube
  • The roof of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest (detail)
    Parliament in Budapest
  • Detail of the building of the Hungarian Parliament in the evening
    Parliament outside walls
  • Inside the Hungarian Parliament the main conference hall
    Parliament main conferenc hall
  • Inside of the Hungarian Parliament, the main stairs coverd with red carpet
    Inside the Parliament the main stairs


The most famous building of Budapest is undoubtedly the magnificent Parliament which is the second biggest on the continent, and absolutely a must-see!

It is hard to miss as the picture of it is shown everywhere, in all Budapest guides, often on the cover. The construction of the building lasted for 19 years. It was started in 1885 and an average of 1000 people worked on it continuously. The 18000 sqm building is 268 m long and 96 m tall and the neo-gothic styled amazing building was dreamed and planned by the architect Imre Steindl.  During the construction  it was only used Hungarian materials in order to accelerate the development of the local industry as well.

You can visit the Parliament with guided tours which are organized every hour. We highly recommend you to pay a visit to the Parliament where you can see the The Hungarian Coronational Jewels including the Holy Crown, the scepter and the orb. They are placed in the middle of the beautiful Cupola room which is surrounded by the statues of Hungarian kings. Every room is nicely ornamented with gold and deep red velvet carpets.

The most interesting technical tool that is still used in the building is the air-conditioning system which is operated with huge blocks of ice, even today. This system was invented by the original constructors and it is amazing that it can still be used today.


It is located on Pest side.
Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3.
Budapest, Pest 1055
Coordinates:47.506925, 19.045729
Public transport:
  • Bus: 15
  • Trolley: 70, 78
  • Tram: 2
  • Metro: M2 - Kossuth Lajos tér
Year of building:1885-1904
Opening hours:Guided tours start each day in english at: 10:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00. Visiting is not allowed on national holidays and during parliamentary sessions.
Entrance fee:3500 HUF
Fun facts:
  • During construction 40 kg gold was used for decoration.
  • It was a principle during the construction that only building materials of domestic origin had to be used. Though eight marble monolits with Swedish origin were built in the frontal stairway. These 6-metre-tall pillars were received as a gift from the Swedish king to the Hungarian kingdom.