Margaret Island – a hideaway from the hectic downtown

Devote half a day or at least a couple of hours to explore Margaret Island.

Experience the tranquillity of the beautiful Island of Budapest which provides a peaceful hideaway from the hectic downtown Budapest with large green parks, flowery gardens and ancient trees.
There are several tourist attractions on the island: medieval ruins, a small zoo, musical fountain, a water tower, swimming pools and lido. No cars are allowed to the island so visitors can surely take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Beside the various recreational possibilities, the island also offers swimming pools and thermal water in the most beautiful natural environment compared to other Budapest spas (Danubius Health Spa Resort). Thanks to the spa’s modern equipment and the physiotherapy specifications, Margaret Island's thermal water can be used for all kinds of treatments such as: sit-down baths, massage, warm showers, carbon bath, mud bath, pine bath and traction bath. Traction bath is a Hungarian invention using extensor weight equipment under the surface of the water – you can try it in almost every Budapest spa.

Margaret Island is very popular with locals as well as tourists, especially at weekends. Try to get to the island early in the morning on a bright, sunny day to find the park at its peace. This time of the day you will meet mostly joggers. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the island and indulge yourself in the curative thermal water in the Spas of Margaret Island in Budapest.