• A beautiful park with grass and colourful flowers and trees on Margaret-island
    Margaret-island in Budapest
  • The fountain at the South end of Margaret-island plays music every hour and after sunset it is lit by colourful lights.
    Musical fountain on Margaret-island
  • A memorial dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the union of Buda and Pest. It is 4,5 metres high and made of brass.
    Centennial memorial on Margaret-island
  • Sculpture of a young girl in the middle of an artifical lake in the Japanese garden on Margaret-island. There are several turtles on the young girl.
    A sculpture from the Japanese garden on Margaret-island
  • Palatinus beach in the heart of the city on Margaret-island with 10 different pools to choose from
    Palatinus beach on Margaret-island

Margaret-island (Margitsziget) – a pearl of the Danube

Margaret-island is one of the most beautiful parks in Budapest.

Located between the Arpad Bridge and Margit-Bridge, the territory is about 100-acres-big, and no car traffic is allowed except for public transportation, so the whole island belongs to the people.

You can do all sorts of different activities on the island, such as running on special rubber tracks, playing tennis, riding big 4-person bicycles, swimming or enjoying thermal water in two famous pools and spas. Not to mention the great outdoor party places, where beside a good beer or glass of wine, you can have a nice meal and good music. Upon entering the island, you are greeted by a gorgeous fountain; it is the biggest one in the whole country, and the movement of the water is perfectly harmonized to classical music that is playing from several speakers placed around the fountain.

The famous Hajós Alfred Swimming Pool can also be found on the island. It is named after Hungary’s first swimmer champion of the Olympic Games, and the pool is used by professional swimmers. Amongst the spas the Budapest guides offer you, we want to highlight Palatinus, which is also located on the island, and has a great green park spotted with many different pools full with thermal water. It is a great place to meet Hungarian beauties, who are trying to study while getting a tan…. So get your towel, swimming suit, sun-glasses and come!


It is located on Pest side.
Budapest, Margitsziget
Coordinates:47.526389, 19.047222
Public transport:
  • Bus: 26, 34, 106, 226
  • Tram: 4, 6
Year of building:
Opening hours:24/7
Entrance fee:It's FREE
Fun facts:
  • Japanese Garden: it can be found on the North end of the island. It is very romantic and a popular place for wedding photo shootings. This area is one of the most famous Oriental type park in the country. The garden is surrounded by hundred-year-old trees and evergreens and it's not only famous for its special plants but for the artifical lake system as well, where the small lakes are joined by small channels. The colour of the garden is given by gold fishes and water lilies and turtles also live there.
  • Art or Statue Alley: you can find here the brass or stone statues of Hungarian culture's significant figures. The statues were moved here from the City Park between 1966 and 1968 and since then several new statues got place among them. The alley between Water Tower and Grand Hotel is not a straight passage but it has some by-passes as well. Along the way you will be accompanied by famous figures like Csokonai or Bálint Balassi, Ferenc Liszt, János Arany who gave the island eternity, Bartók and Kodály, or the poet, Attila József who walked right here kissing a young lady…