• The whole monument on Heroes' square
    Visit Heroes' Square in Budapest for a cultural experience
  • Left wing of the monument on Heroes' square
    Heroes' Square in Budapest
  • Detail of the monument on Heroes' square in Budapest with the statues of Hungarian kings in the evening
    Heroes' square statues of Hungarian kings
  • A detailed picture of the top statue of the monument on Heroes' square
    Statue on the top of the Monument on Heroes' square
  • A detailed picture of the ark angel from the very top of the monument on Heroes' square
    Ark angel from the top middle part of the monument

Heroes’ square

36-m-high column at the end of Andrassy Boulevard – a spectacular square that witnessed many historic moments, this is the HEROES’ SQUARE. 

This is where the Millennium Monument was started to be built on the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian settlement, in 1896. In the centre the archangel of Gabriel figure stands, together with the statue of Árpád and other six Hungarian Chieftains. Behind in a semicircular ornamental colonnade with the pantheon of Hungarian history kings and other great historical figures can be found. On the top of the column you can see the statue of the Archangel Gabriel holding the Hungarian Holy Crown and apostolic double cross. Quarter-circular colonnades extend to both left and right of the column. Between the pillars of the colonnade are figures of the ‘greats’ from Hungarian history, while the butt piers are embellished with emblematic sculptural ensembles (work, welfare, knowledge, honour and peace).
This squere is often used to hold public concerts and events so be sure to drop by if you visit Budapest!
- The Art Gallery -Műcsarnok -and the Museum of Fine Arts– can be found on the two sides of the Heroes' Square. The Art Gallery is the home of contemporary art, while the world famous Museum of Fine Arts is displaying works of Goya, Velázquez, El Greco, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Rafaello and many more of the greatest artists. The growing Egyptian and graphical collection of the museum is one of the richest in Europe.
-Vajdahunyad Castle, the 110 years old castle consists of 21 magnificent buildings from almost every historical style from Roman through Gothic, from Renaissance to Baroque style. The Vajdahunyad Castle, originally built of cardboard and wood for the 1896 World Expo, was rebuilt from stone at the end of the expo. It is a copy of three other buildings from the Hungarian countryside, showcasing Hungary's predominant architectural styles. You find this castle just behind the Heroes’ square.

Info: XIV, City Park 1 Hősök tere

Heroes’ square

It is located on Pest side.
1146 Budapest, Hősök tere
Coordinates:47.514232, 19.077970
Public transport:
  • Bus: 105
  • Trolley: 75, 79
  • Metro: M1 - Hősök tere
Year of building:1895-1910
Opening hours:24/7
Entrance fee:It's FREE
Fun facts:
  • During the Rákosi-era (1947-1956) there were plans to remove the whole monument because they thought it was too patriotic...
  • A replica of the monument was built in Shanghai (China) in 1996 as part of a park where famous landmarks from all over the world were re-built in actual life size...