CET Cultural Center of Budapest

CET means whale in Hungarian, and believe it or not, the new cultural center soon to be opened in Budapest, does look like a big whale peeping out of the two already existing warehouse buildings.

It is covered with special glass roof, letting the people walking inside enjoy the magnificent view of the capital city. All guides will soon add this building to the repertoire about Budapest due to its unique design and location.

The building is placed next to the Danube, so we can enjoy our food or coffee with the waves of the “blue ribbon” as Budapest guidebooks like to refer to the river. On this part of the building there is a 200-m-long terrace with restaurants and a breathtaking view of the city. The CET is absolutely multifunctional: besides the restaurants there are bookshops, galleries, and design and delicatessen shops. But there is also a park with walking paths, and great places to party and paint the town red – you don’t even need a guidebook to get there just follow the fascinating colors of the evening lightings, and there you are!

The 160-m-long, metallic and glass building carries a symbolic role as well: it represents the cultural unity of Central European countries tied together by the river and the Central European Time zone (CET). The designer of the building is the world-famous architect Kas Oosterhuis, he and his wife create together their emblematic buildings, which all belong to the forefront of the world architectural design.

It is location is also important to note: it is close to the Budapest “Soho” district, the Raday utca, and also to the popular Great Shopping Hall, the Vásárcsarnok, which is also mentioned in every Budapest guide.