• Millenaris cultural park in Budapest
  • Festival at Millenaris in Budapest

Millenáris (Millenary) Cultural Park and Complex

Amongst concrete buildings, shopping malls and cars in the middle of town, there is a lovely green oasis with ponds, green fields with flowers and beautifully renovated factory buildings.

The Millenáris Cultural Park won Europe Nostre award in 2002 for the reuse of the old factory area in such a creative way.

The park covers about 35000 square meters with a nice network of little ponds whith lots of fish. There is an amiable music pavilion as well, so if you wish you can listen to concerts while lying on the grass. For the children you find a  thematic playground. The hand-made and painted toys were all created by famous artists, a fact that is rarely presented in Budapest guides.

Children love experimenting; this is why the House of Future museum is such a great place to them. It is also located in this complex, and the children can find many answers within the field of science. This museum has also created 3 hostess robots who act as tour guides for the visitors – this is one of the best museums in Budapest!

The Cultural Centre hosts various kinds of programs, starting from classical music, world music, jazz performances and fascinating concerts for children. They also show sport events on big screen.