House of Terror Museum

There is a depressing building burdened with dark memories, standing in the middle of one of the nicest boulevards in Budapest, the Andrassy Boulevard.

This museum is the only one of its kind, therefore its building itself is a monument, it sticks out from the beautiful houses of Andrassy boulevard.This is The House of Terror Museum which is devoted to the memory of the many people tortured or held captive innocently. Even the Budapest guides warn their readers not to expect a traditional museum, terror and horror can be touched here by hand, the visual design is unbelievable and the sound effects are shocking.

Andrassy ut no. 60 is a horrible symbol for the Hungarian public, and it is well known that many people avoided going even close to that neighborhood even in the 1980s. The façade of the building gives a dark significance to the museum with its black passepartout (the decoration entablature, the blade walls and the granite sidewalk) which provides a striking frame for the Museum. This design tries to show a contemporary landmark, a guide for a way to remember two bloody periods of Hungarian history: one carried out by Nazis, based on race; and the other carried out by the Communists, based on classes.     

Upon entering the museum you are faced with the shocking sight of an enormous tank which is standing in dripping oil. It is frightening and mysterious at the same time, especially with the terrifying music that is playing, giving you a perfect feel for the atmosphere during that time. The guidebook for the building gives a lot of information about the exhibition and although it is not a happy part of your Budapest visit, it is still a unique experience.