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Cafe Central

Visit one of Budapests historical coffeehouses - the famouse Café Central.

Nowadays coffeehouses regained their previous importance in Budapest, and out of the numerous ones, we would like to highlight Café Central as an authentic coffehouse.
Unlike it "tourist-like" Gerbeaud and the grandiose New York Café, this is a coffehouse visited just as much as the locals as the tourists.
- If you are streetsmart and want to do as the locals, you should use Café Central as a typical Hungarian, so not only for drinking a coffee, but also having long discussions with friends, writing poems, editing journals, or reading your favorite book for hours.

Central was reconstructed based on photos from its heydays, and on experiences told by visitors from those times. The past was recalled in here, since everybody knew that this Coffeehouse used to be the main meeting point for the most important writers, thinkers, editors of Hungarian literature starting from 1887.
During the Communist regime, it was turned into a simple restaurant, than it became a house of gambling, before finally, it regained its previous pomp and role to be recommended as a safe bet for visiting by our personal Budapest guides.

This place is committed to mix the traditional role of coffeehouses with up-to-date menus and ideas.
Meeting the requirements of 21st century, it is possible to get warm specialties the whole day along with unique Hungarian pastries. Besides food, you can sink into good newspapers, surf the internet or have fun with witty games.