• The main building of the botanical garden surrounded by beautiful green plants, trees, bushes and lawn.

Botanical Garden

If you feel like escaping the busy streets of Budapest, this breath-taking botanical garden is a perfect target for you!

It is located in Józsefváros,in the 7th district of Budapest, which is usually not highlighted in any of the Budapest guides, but an area we would like to draw your attention to. It is the poorest district in town, but if you are prepared to ignore this, your courage will be rewarded with a little miraculous green world in the midst of all the buildings. On 2,7 acres a green and lush garden is hiding here, the so-called Botanical Garden, or known by the locals as the Füvészkert. Not many people know about this garden, so there is a good chance you will enjoy a moment of solitude.

There are special and rare plants in the beautiful palm house, which is a sight on its own due to its design. There is also a pretty lake in the middle of the garden. Botanical experts say that the best time to visit the garden is when the Victoria Regia plant is in bloom. This plant is the biggest water lily of the world, and the diameter of its leaf could be more than 2-meter-long! The gorgeous flower opens only at night, has the smell of vanilla, and can be as big as 30cm. It has been proven that the leaves are so strong that they can support the weight a person of 50 kilograms! On a hot summer day, you can try it yourself!

Besides the geographical sights, there are cultural and medical programs organized here, about which you can find more details in the guide of the Budapest Botanical Garden or on the internet.

Botanical Garden

It is located on Pest side.
1083 Budapest, Illés u. 25.
Coordinates:47.484647, 19.085244
Public transport:
  • Bus: 9
  • Trolley: 83
  • Metro: M3 - Klinikák or Nagyvárad tér
Year of building:1847
Opening hours:Every day 9.00-17.00
Entrance fee:400 HUF for children and 850 HUF for adults
Fun facts:
  • This botanical garden, the "Füvészkert" is a main plot in Ferenc Molnar's world-wide known novel Boys from Paul Street (Pál utcai fiúk). More films were shot from this novel, the last one a couple of years ago in an international co-production.