Recommended restaurant in Budapest

Just like any big European city Budapest has a dedicated and diverse restaurant scene. You can find trendy restaurants with chic, industrial layout and the local bistros with hint of folklore and literally history in the walls scattered around Budapest. Do not miss some of the bistros, providing hearty food with local ingredients.

With quality dining options found throughout Budapest neighborhoods, there are some restaurants standing-out and the last years the famous Michelin Guide have started to recognized selected Budapest restaurants. Worth noting that some of the Michelin stared Budapest restaurants also offer a introduction lunch menu from 12:00–15:00, making it possible to dine well – without robbing the local bank!

In 2014 3 local Budapest restaurants have gotten 1 star recognition.

Hungarian Restaurants from the Michelin Guide in 2014

1-Star Restaurants:

Onyx Restaurant, 1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8. comment: fine dining with
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Borkonyha / Winekitchen, 1051 Budapest, Sas u. 3. comment:
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Costes, 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 4. comment:
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Bib Gourmand: Since 1955, the guide has also highlighted restaurants offering "good food at moderate prices", a feature now called "Bib Gourmand". They must offer menu items priced below a maximum determined by local economic standards.

Bib Gourmand Restaurants 2014:

Déryné Bistro, 1013 Budapest, Krisztina tér 3.

Csalogány 26, 1015 Budapest, Csalogány u. 26.

Some other selected restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide 2014:

Mák Bistro, 1051 Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc u. 4.

Aranyszarvas, 1013 Budapest, Szarvas tér 1.

Tigris, 1051 Budapest, Mérleg u. 10.

KNRDY, 1051 Budapest, Október 6. u. 15.

Nobu Budapest, 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 7-8.

Pierrot, 1014 Budapest, Fortuna u. 14.

Arany Kaviár, 1015 Budapest, Ostrom u. 19.

Pesti Disznó Bistro, 1063 Budapest, Nagymező u. 19.

Bock Bisztró Pest, 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.


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