Ruin pubs in Budapest

A unique Hungarian phenomenon: Visit a ruin pub in Budapest!

These “ruin-pubs” are typical of Budapest. Imagine an abandoned apartment house, a tired run-down place in brick and concrete, with corridors, hallways and several empty apartments. Many of these apartment houses were built over 100 years ago, and has been left to slowly corrode while waiting for investors to come in and buy up the property and build parking lots, hotels or office buildings. But why not have a little fun while waiting? Ruin pubs appeared when people started renting these old buildings cheaply, and create interesting and fascinating clubs and bars.

These are rough places, with bare concrete walls, staircases and hallways and several smaller and bigger rooms in labyrinthic formations. The interior is bought from second hand shops and flea markets. Despite this the ruin pubs are very popular. See the list of the most popular ruin pubs below: Szimpla – the pioneer of Budapest’s ruin pubs and still alive and well; Instant – the biggest ruin pub with 26 rooms and electronic music; Mumus – Mekka for street art and down town Pest; Apacuka – A “high level” pub for the experts!; Grandio – the newest and greenest ruin pub!

Szimpla ruin pub i Budapest

Szimpla Bar
Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14.
Open: 15-05
Bar description: Oldest of the ruin pubs in Budapest and therefore also the most famous. International style, with live music from Thursday to Sunday. Also open during the winter.
Facilities: WIFI, music, sandwiches, outdoor and indoor facilities
You feel old here if you are past 40: Yes 

Instant Bar
Address: 1065 Budapest, Nagymezö utca 38.
Open: 16-02
Tel: +36 20 77 22 984
Bar description: The biggest ruin pub in Budapest: 2 floors, 26 rooms and 3 bars. DJ’s and hot parties guarantied!
Facilities: WIFI, music, sandwiches, cocktails, indoors
You feel old here if you are past 40: Yes


Grandio Bar
: 1075 Budapest, Nagydiófa utca 8.
Open: 14-02
Tel: +36 20 455-6605
Bar description: Newly opened backyard/ garden in the city center, between Keleti train station and the Synagogue. The city’s greenest pub, dogs and bikes are welcome!
Facilities: WIFI, music, sandwiches, outdoors
You fell old here if you are past 40: Yes 

Mumus i Budapest

Mumus Bar
Address: 1072 Budapest, Dob utca 18.
Open: Mon-Sat 15-04, Sun 16-24
Bar description: An artistic café-pub in the heart of Budapest. 2 floors and a beautiful garden offer you an amazing night, regardless of whether you just stop by for one beer or you want to party all night. The garden is closed in the winter, but the bar is open all year round!
Facilities: WIFI, music, indoor and outdoor facilities
You feel old here if you are past 40: Yes

Apacuka i Budapest

Address: 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u.5.
Open: Mon-Fri 11-02, Sat-Sun: 17-02
Tel: +36 20 938 2677, +36 1 486 2379
Bar description: A cozy run-down bar? Hard to imagine? Try a visit to Apacuka, have a light lunch or hang out with your friends for an evening!
Facilities: WIFI, music, sandwiches, indoors and outdoors facilities
You will feel old here if you are past 40: Yes