Liszt Ferenc Square – a short guide

There is a square in Budapest where the tradition of the turn of the century coffeehouses and the modern, representative style of cafes are represented side by side in great harmony.

No wonder that this space packed with elegant and chic places to go out earned its place in the Budapest guides.

We can sit in Menza to jump back in time to the 70’s, but now it is a café and restaurant of luxury with such a perfect inside décor, that it received the best award from the jury of the Competition of Coffeehouses in Hungary. The restaurant Passion has a great atmosphere and excellent food. The newest restaurant and beer garden of the square is called Bohemia which recalls the turn of the century feeling, and it is a best choice for beer fans. The oldest café and restaurant on the square is the Mediterran Café which is always mentioned by the Budapest guidebooks as well. There are Hungarian and Mediterranean food on the menu along with special cocktails, and coffee specialties. This restaurant hosts the popular show of Radio Jazzy every weekend which is a fun program for every one of all ages. The other older restaurant is the French-style Café Vian bistro which has a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The windows facing the square make you feel like being in Paris especially during the summer when the whole place is full of flowers.

But we could also recommend you great pizza places such as the Fresco, or a truly exclusive restaurant for celebrating is Barokko Club Lounge.

All in all, the best you could do is to get a good book, choose a restaurant suiting your mood and indulge in the charming attitude of the square even as a tourist because it makes you feel at home even without a Budapest tour guide or guidebook at hand.

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